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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Boss as Signal Spotter using Social Media

McKinsey & Company published an article entitled, The strength of ‘weak signals’ in their February Quarterly.  A must read.

What are these weak signals that surface mainly from social media?

"...they represent snippets—not streams—of information and can help companies to figure out what customers want and to spot looming industry and market disruptions before competitors do."

Most importantly signal spotting is not left to the folks in the back room hammering out twitter and facebook postings.  Here's where the boss comes in:

Engaging at the top

"For starters, given the fluid nature of the insights that surface, it’s often useful to get senior leaders actively involved with the social-media sources that give rise to weak signals. Executives who are curious and attuned to the themes emerging from social media are more likely to spot such insights."

Article is here. Leave a copy on the desk or chair of the boss after you email her/him a link to the article.

Ruth Ann Barrett, February 17, 2014, Portland, Oregon.

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