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Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Blog That is Educational and Fresh in Look and Text - Lily Lines

The blog, Lily Lines, published by the Washington Post is an example of using a newer, fresh look/feel for a blog that is not only visually more interesting but the content/text is short and sweet.  At the same times it is clear that the message is serious and important. It's educational.  I like it and read all of it.  Even the bits I'm not so interested in. 

When I referenced a survey earlier this week I highlighted results confirming that decision makers favor content that is  "Educational and Practical, not promotional." I'm thinking of content that uses illustration, photography, and interesting text formats to communicate an important, relevant and timely message. I fear others may be equating educational with boring, text laden missives. What comes to mind for you?

The Lily folks are also clear on who their audience is (sometimes it's THAT simple) although I suspect they have women in mind of a certain age and income, but it appeals to me and the subject matter usually works for all ages and incomes, so in this case a broad brush works.  

Lily Lines is a twice-weekly newsletter for women reaching new heights and trudging through the mud. Unsure about adding another email to your inbox? Check out our archive below before subscribing. We promise you won’t regret it.

Again, the tone and look are both fresh and work together well.

The blog format continues to evolve and change shapes.  When a client tells me they want to write one (should they?) I start the conversation with purpose and audience consideration, then open up the box of possibilities, making suggestions as to what their blog might be given the client's purpose and audience. I give examples. 

So, Take a look at Lily Lines.  

The latest issue is on cancer, breast cancer SELF-awareness and being pro-active about your health. Really important message. 

Ruth Ann Barrett,, Digital Savvy, Portland, Oregon 97209, September 21, 2017