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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Old Ad Principles Apply to Going Viral and Social Media

Going viral may be your hope but you may not have a prayer unless you understand that basic advertising principles apply in the not so new anymore world of going viral and social media.

They are frequency, consistency, and persistency.  

These principles are equally important when it comes to social media.   And while the threesome of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are most often referenced to leave out YouTube is a mistake and in some markets Pinterest is very helpful, especially for retailers with products that are visually beautiful. Twitter is text, Pinterest is pictures. 

There are two infographics (discovered via Pinterest) that will give you a glimpse into the hard work involved in going viral and activating a social media network with often limited results if the measurement is sales rather than awareness, the first step in the buying cycle.

Infographic on “going viral" from Voltier Digital.

Infographic on 25+ social media tasks for your Social Media Strategy with LinkedIn being most important in my opinion for most of us in the consulting category while Facebook is a must for non-profits in building a "fan" base.  This infographic comes to us from the folks at Top Dog Social Media.

Ruth Ann Barrett, February 13, 2014, Portland, Oregon. 

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